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In 2010, when it comes to the state of the economy and unemployment, the public seems to have different opinions and getting mixed signals. Some individuals, those that are working/employed, seem to be satisfied because they have a job and those that are still unemployed or underemployed, still feel there are issues and not so [...]

There is a difference but some professionals in the IT industry seem to think program management is just managing multiple projects. A Program and Project Manager may or may not be certified. Program Management Program management is the management of multiple related projects, a system or systems, and not just multiple projects. A Program Manager [...]

There are a Variety of Specifications Presented Throughout the Industry to Capture Requirements.

by E.R. Williams

The requirements document (specification), the result of analysis, sets the stage for the entire and/or any process/phase/activity (design, implementation, etc.) within the development process or life cycle. It is a configuration identification document as well as the design specification/document. The requirements document contains functional/capability, design, interface, data, and other product (software/application/system) requirements. Although it is [...]

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