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Sometimes we don’t want to admit we have made a mistake or that there were issues with a process or its activities. But how else are we to correct our mistakes and learn from our mistakes; to improve. Whether one thinks it can lead to finger pointing is not a reason not to have the [...]

There are many methodologies for IT development and implementation projects (hundreds, because many companies have their own “flavor” of a methodology or two, and maybe several) but they all should have/contain basic processes/activities: feasibility/initiation; planning; requirements analysis; design (Architecture/Detail Design); implementation/construction/build/test (unit, integration, functional\\(capability/qualification; system test (stress, functional, performance, volume, etc.); user acceptance test; operational [...]

“The process to find another job has taken longer than I anticipated. I have almost terminated or stopped my search efforts.”

by E.R. Williams

We have all been there before but when you go through it, it becomes a very personal thing. One thing I do know, you can’t give up on your search activities. Your positive efforts, no matter when or how long it takes through these times, will prepare you to take that next positive step forward. [...]

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