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There are serious concerns going forward in 2011 regarding IT project and program failures, including ERP, SCM and VOIP. Some IT professionals in the industry don’t think that changes required to reduce the rate of failure, or to stop this disastrous trend, are forth coming. In one article this seems to be the case, including [...]

“I was still having problems with understanding Configuration Management but after reading your book, I do know why I was having difficulties with the entire development life cycle focusing only on software version control and software library development.” Those who have purchased the book, (Management Control and Quality! – Software/Firmware Configuration Management – available in [...]

Configuration Management Best (and Good) Practices

by E.R. Williams

1. Perform Configuration Management up front and throughout projects and programs (See book and articles to understand and apply Configuration Management) 2. Conduct an assessment, if required 3. Select tools, methodologies * 4. Perform Requirements, Design, and Product Management 5. Prepare a requirements document/documentation or specification with a traceability matrix. For the Agile development process [...]

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