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Still you see local city and state layoffs and many individuals retiring from companies in several industries. We also know that project management has been significant and has contributed to the success of many projects and programs. It seems that many employers as a first step are requiring that Project managers be certified as a Project [...]

Recently, I received several emails and telephone calls to discuss a problem with a web site requiring revising or revamping and applications requiring modification, enhancement or replacement after the projects had closed and warranty periods had expired. The changes or request for changes seems to have been announced without prior notice or discussion with key [...]

Quality Assurance (QA)

by E.R. Williams

Too often we call quality assurance just “testing” or “quality control”, where both traditionally have been performed under the umbrella of Quality Assurance (QA). QA, a planned process/activity, tailored to the program/project, is about ensuring compliance with standards, regulations, plans, and requirements, prevention, and trend and problem analysis for corrective action. This is the reason [...]

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