IT Project/Program Management:The IT industry has accepted failure as the norm

by E.R. Williams

I recently wrote an article, significant to the IT industry,  that was published on TechRepublic: The IT industry has accepted failure as the norm

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Program and Project Managers must continue to move the industry to a state of continued success ; increase the success rate.

  • Take responsibility and be accountable and do not accept being just a facilitator
  • Use Best (and good) practices consistently
  • Do what is Right, with best (and good) practices. Do the job right upfront and continue throughout the program and project
  • Be ethical and commit to the best interest of the client and company, even when there is pressure to deviate
  •  Help each other; provide support, communicate continuously, transfer knowledge and share lessons learned
  •  Appreciate and recognize the team and team members' contribution because without them the achievement of success for programs and projects would not be possible. Thanks

I appreciated, and will appreciate, all the comments and opinions. Thanks
I'm sure that no project or program leader plans for his or her project or program to fail. Unfortunately, despite a large and proven project management body of knowledge (BOK), too many expensive IT projects continue to fail.

If you are one of the many outstanding project/program managers who routinely manage successful projects, you probably already do most of what this article describes. The "million dollar" question here is "why does so much of the IT industry still accept failure as the norm?," or to quote Pete Seeger, "when will they ever learn?"

I wish you all much success. I thank my mentors and coaches, and teams, for I have enjoyed a very successful career. ...and I will continue to mentor, coach, and train others.

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