Project Management and Best Practice Processes, In Any Industry

by E.R. Williams

One of the most significant lessons learned going into 2010 is that best (and good) practices are for any industry implementing information technology and system/product development projects. During my career and for the past several years, I have had the opportunity to manage projects in a variety of industries and for a variety of technologies (i.e. systems, software/applications, networks/infrastructure, and web development). For each of the projects and programs I have used the best practice processes and activities identified in newsletter/information source to include configuration management, tailored to a particular project and business, defining and documenting the projects' and systems or products, directly contributing to the project's success and providing feedback and lessons learned for future projects and programs.

Happy New Year Everyone,

Eddie R. Williams

RayAnn Enterprise Publishers (REP)

The first Quarter of 2010 RayAnn will address your questions and requests. 2010 is your year to contribute to the perspective that industries and academia must have to transform the 21st century to renew the economy and business.

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