You stated that much of what we do or introduce as new today is only improvements to be used in the future. Can you give me an example that supports your statement of that fact?

by E.R. Williams

Yes, recently I was involved in a seminar and conference that was discussing component development. What did/does component development bring to the table:

  • Reusability
  • Interoperability
  • Assembly
  • Modularity
  • Etc.

And that is a fact, but where did component development start.Component development originated in, system, and hardware and system software development for assembly/integration: plug-in, test, and reuse. Look at MIL/DOD standards such as DOD-STD-2167A old system/software development standard (And see book CM and the entire process) that have had processes incorporated in more current standards and requirements. A development process has requirements analysis, design, code, unit/module test, components, integration and system/system software test. This development process includes component development/assembly and integration. Again, modular development with Ada, Object Oriented methodologies, and commercial I T development have modified or either improved things and now companies are using component development processes that are currently being used but will be improved for future use. ... and that is what process improvement is all about.

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