Program and Project Success is about Team Success and Lessons Learned

by E.R. Williams

2009 is at an end and 2010 has begun with a lot of activity. What lessons learned will we take into 2010 and into the 21st century? September 11, 2001 (9/11) and some other unethical business activities have affected industries recovery but we all realize that before 9/11 many businesses were having some financial difficulties, mergers and lay offs were on-going, and the failure of a significant number of IT development projects had been reported. During the past decade with those failures there were still successes such as Y2K and e-business projects which brought the IT and other industries some significant lessons learned.

Some individuals may think that Y2K was just a scam or should not have had the sense of urgency attached to it. Those of us that understood the potential impact, managed and participated in some of the projects, know a lot of work went into many successful projects. E-business brought on a new way of doing business and relating to not only competitors but employees. Some lessons learned that were required: increased communication, emphasis on security, increased collaboration and business partnerships, committed and flexible teams, along with the importance of risk and conflict management. Do we go into 2010 with these lessons learned? After a crisis is resolved we some how go back to old habits. We can\'t afford to make the same mistakes in 2010 and during the 21st century.

I was asked recently what was my most significant achievement and how long had I been involved in managing projects? I said I was from a family of 14 siblings and as a child it was a project getting to the table to eat and finish. Just some humor :0) . A while back I was notified that I was listed/profiled in the 2003, 57th Edition of Who\'s Who in America, I am very proud of the fact that during my career I had managed successful IT development projects. Because those projects were comprised of teams that were different and implemented a variety of technologies. There would not have been any success without their commitment and customer focus.

My father was somewhat quiet until he had something to say, loved kids, and was a strong disciplinary. My mother, whom everyone called mom, was the lecturer and I recall something she said to me, \"You have not lived a full life, until you have not only touched someone\'s life but added value to it\". Love them both dearly. RayAnn hopes that the information provided in its information sources, featured book, and any other publications, add value or impacts your careers in a positive manner.


From Eddie R. Williams and Damon Greene

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