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Eddie Williams has over 20 years of experience as a project and program manager for system/software engineering and Information Technology (IT) development and management. He has been a Project Manager, Sr. PM, Program Manager, and Sr. Program Manager. Mr. Williams has been a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) through the Project Management Institute since 1999. Before becoming a project and program manager, he held positions such as Systems and Procedures Analyst (programming and creating system/software specifications), Configuration Management Specialist and Manager, Software Product/Quality Assurance Engineer and Manager, and Division Administrator/Manager (development methodologies and control).

His successful career and employment experience span NASA, Aerospace and Department of Defense (DOD) to commercial and government which included several industries: Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Financial Services (including Insurance), and Academia. He has managed programs and projects for system, software/application, database, data warehouse, infrastructure/network, ERP, and other business initiatives and enterprise endeavors.

Mr. Williams also is an author, trainer, consultant, coach/mentor, and public speaker. He has been a co-presenter (2007) and has contributed presentation material (2008) for PMI Global Congress and a presenter at Black Data Processing Association (BDPA) National Conferences (2003, 2003). During his career he served on Corporate Planning and System/Software Development Committees. He is a former member of EIA and contributed to the development of major industry standards. For the past several years he has put his efforts into creating and developing an information source/newsletter/blog,, for the IT and business professionals and IT industry.

Mr. Williams attributes his successful career to the use of Best Practice Processes’ best and good practices, knowledge transfer and lessons learned.

During his career he has been trained in or taken classes on (LAN/MAN/WAN)/Infrastructure; Data Communications and Distributed Processing; Information Systems; Structured and Object Oriented Methodologies; Trainer/Instructor; The Development Process(es)/Solutions/Approaches; System/Software (including Firmware (embedded) Life Cycle Development; Modular techniques; Iterative and Incremental Development; Developing Methodologies; System/Engineering Management; Understanding the 3/N Tier Environment; Product Management; Personnel Management; Risks Analysis and Management; Contract and Financial Planning/Management; Executive Leadership; Total Quality Management; Program/Project Management; Continuity Management (Business, Agile vs. Traditional Development Methods, Operations, and Information Technology); Reviews and Audits, Concepts for Quality Implementation using/integrating the concepts of QA, QC, TQM, Six Sigma, Team Dynamics and Q-Methods; Web and Portal Development Projects; E-Business, E-Commerce and Internet Marketing; and HIPAA and PART 11 Requirements, and HR/Benefits Administration